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We are going to create a musical in which trains spring skywards – directly into the sky – with people dancing and singing in them.

First a train rides through different countries. People in it sing their national songs  and dance national dances. They get on the train and ride farther singing and dancing in it. New wagons keep being added to the train.

Then, once the train is filled with passengers, heroes of the musical,  the whole train soars upward and springs skywards.  The train with those singing and dancing in it pierce through the atmosphere and is flying up to where outer space begins.

In outer space the train continues to fly, now orbiting its way around the planet, continents and oceans left below.

The musical continues. As people on Earth see that our orbital train has belted the globe up, they begin to dance and sing. People of each nation gather together, their streams coalesce  and float to plants in ever–growing streams, dancing and singing. There in the course of action they build new wagons, join them together into new trains, all the way dancing and singing.

New trains set off to travel across countries, taking onboard new passengers of different cultures in their national costumes, dancing and singing in their national way.

Now plenty of trains gather speed. They grow; new wagons being added. Then trains one after another begin to jump into the sky. They fly skywards from each and every geographical location with their crew keeping singing and dancing.

Trains fly into orbits and keep belting Earth up, winding up and wrapping Earth into multiplicity of ribbons around it.

Now plenty of space trains follow their different – one above another – orbits. They rotate around the planet, changing their form, speed and direction of movement, creating stunning scene around Earth. People of Earth, now residing in orbital trains in outer space, keep singing and dancing, the ribbons of trains themselves dancing in the rhythm of a new reality.

To be continued… (In the next episodes: travelling in space trains to another stars and planets.)