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Orbital Train is to change a lot of things around us. This project is about technologies Orbital Train will bring about and things to come in our life along with it.

As we build Space Civilization for Billionsand make advances in the whole lot of technologies this will bring changes into every area of life. And this makes other different areas develop to catch up with what's going to come to being through advances in space technologies.

And this project has the aim to develop technologies needed to build Orbital Trains. We also have the aim to develop many other technologies the building of Orbital Train will pull behind it to change life of people all over the world to the better.

What’s Orbital Train? It is space cars – lots of them – forming a ring around the globe, all cars being connected with each other with electromagnetic force so as to have all the way around Earth the like of space highway with multiple lanes with space cars enough in number to give home for the whole of humanity.

We have the power to build home where has been emptiness!

We have the power to save the world from extinction!

Are you with us?

Today we have to advance technologies in many different areas to make Orbital Train and life in space possible.

We also have to face the reality that having a whole space civilization with its advanced tecnologies will change life of people dramatically and in an unprecedented way - both on Earth and in space. Thus we also have the goal to increase the preparedness of people to come into possession of things and power they haven't possessed before.

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