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This time we are looking at ways of delivering our clients energy on mass scale that comes from renewable sources and is green, among other products to come from ReptileCoin community of developers.

Let’s have a look at a new device that produces electricity and at the same time serves as a storage. The device was recently made by a team and is so new there isn’t a name for it. Before we look at how it works, we are going to elaborate a little on what mass consumer wants. It’s time when we have to develop and deliver to the whole planet solutions that are effective, green and don’t pollute the air, soil and ocean. Our users want affordable and inexpensive things to use daily and be happy with them.

By effectiveness we mean the device powering other stuff has to be effectively obtained from renewable sources, which are many. Green solutions are those that are friendly to the environment. And besides its manufacturing, the product’s lifecycle doesn’t have to put unwanted pressure on nature. We orient towards the demanding consumer and all the more is bigger challenge for our developers.

So by far we have a product, a hybrid one, that promises to fit the high requirements to bring the whole of our planet to a genuinely green world and provide everyone with power effectively.

The product of team research work is described as an integrated solar-powered system for both electrochemical energy storage and water electrolysis. That is a user will be able to use it both as a battery, or supercapacitor and as a hydrogen fuel cell.

The team has placed a nickel-cobalt-iron layered double hydroxide (Ni-Co-Fe LDH) on a substrate of nickel foam. The unique mesoporous structure of the LDH enables more charge/ion diffusion pathways and available active sites which contributes to the high performance of this novel material.

The Ni-Co-Fe LDH plays role as an active electrode material in supercapacitiors first and as a catalyst in the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The paper notes its remarkable electrochemical properties:

When employed as the positive electrode in a supercapacitor, along with activated carbon as the negative electrode in an asymmetric configuration, the ultrathin and porous Ni-Co-Fe LDH nanoplatelets delivered an ultrahigh specific energy of 57.5 W h kg−1 with an outstanding specific power of 37.9 kW kg−1 and an excellent cycle life.

As an OER electrocatalyst, Ni-Co-Fe LDH exhibited superior electrocatalytic performances with a very low overpotential of 0.207 V versus a reference hydrogen electrode (RHE) at 10.0 mA cm−2, and a small Tafel slope of 31 mV dec−1.

So we have here a dual-functional device; a claim has been made for the device to become the major energy device of the future. This claim is backed by using such earth-abundant elements as cobalt, iron and nickel. Summarizing, researchers has wired up the device to a solar cell for simultaneous successful energy harvesting and storage. An “excellent cycle life” has been claimed as well.

Before the device can come to homes of billions of users in the form of consumer electronics some work has yet to be done. First of all, is this thing safe? Is it easy to be manufactured on mass scale and be maintained by user?

To go ahead and come up with new devices based on the novel Ni-Co-Fe LDH platform developed we need to ask some more questions and carry out a lot of work.

First, this is research into what there is demand for. True, people can use this device to power their cars. Can this device be used both in hydrogen and electric cars? It’s up to research.

Next, in our ReptileCoin community one of our objectives is to produce consumer wallets, ATM and payment terminals to promote electronic payment systems everywhere.

Central to life of many cryptocurrencies – not to all – is the process of mining. Mining is the process of finding a solution of a very difficult mathematical problem, to put it simply. And the more electronic cash spreads the more hash power is needed, the higher grows demand for power for miners which are the devices that make these cryptocurrencies tick.

Key to our community is funding ways to provide our users with high quality products that are safe, green and make those using them happy. The dual-function energy device proposed may be used in powering say mining facilities for mass users as a kind of service delivered by our developer community.

The device has been synthesized by the team lead by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)read paper

We need as the next step to focus on newly designed research that will put the device to the test to see its capabilities, and especially if it fits the high requirements, being tested in a large scale setting. In the focus is the question of mass production, finding ways to produce it on large scale and have the whole lifecycle without putting pressure on the environment. That’s what our consumers are going to like. And we need to ensure this is the case.

The device is not yet bio-inspired, either. So can we do better? To bring this tecnology closer to biologically compatible - which is our community's ultimate goal - we need more research as well.

If you have ideas on the research design, let us know: send us a letter or post your comment.

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