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                                                                                                             to Sara Loera

To save the world – and the human race from extinction- scientists propose to drill supervolcanos.

A supervolcano eruption could devastate humanity, the main threat being starvation all over the world during volcanic winter. One way of thinking about ways to prevent the apocalyptic scenario is to make sure we know exactly what is the trigger causing the eruption and to try to turn it off.

So what we can do about the danger and what research we need in order to be able to come up with a working plan - let’s get into it.

The Yellowstone National Park in the US is famous for hot springs. Through them heat leaks out of gigantic magma chambers under the ground. What is of interest is how we can utilize this heat. The prevailing belief is that humanity can calm supervolcanos down by cooling them down: there is a threshold in the amount of heat that accumulates inside a supervolcano after reaching which an explosive eruption happens. Therefore to prevent it from happening we need to make a supervolcano into a geothermal plant.

Lets consider this option. We drill far down inside a supervolcano in multiple places. Then we pump water down under pressure. The water is heated deep inside and comes back in the form of steam. We get energy through using turbines and obtain finally electricity.

Sounds well: instead of having a colossal bomb just underfoot we get electricity and can power whatever we want. But this sketch of what can be developed further into a plan raises a lot of questions.

First of all the very belief that if enough amount of heat builds up this causes an explosive supereruption needs to be checked. We need research on this.

Up to what depth do we need to drill down inside? In how many places?

What are provable ways to ensure we take into account all the magma chambers that are in play?

What amount of water will a super geothermal plant consume?

Under what pressure is the water going to be pumped down?

What are risks of damaging magma chambers in an undesired way and releasing harmful gases?

These are questions going into the subject of research work to be done in a way that ensure independent scientists are involved. No research of this kind has been done by far. So we are going to address to professionals with different backgrounds to find out how we can go about organizing this research. The discussion of the research to be carried out is publicly open.

One of the major challenges is to confront the corrosive power of volcanic setting. No material known can stand up to the high acidity and liquids in magma for long enough. Water pipes are not going to last for long and this alone makes any plan to harvest heat from supervolcano almost impossible to implement.

Any of this kind of plan is highly likely to come to a sticky end and effort to go to smoke without having developed absolutely new materials able to withstand the severe corrosive conditions inside magma chambers.

We face unprecedented technological challenge to create long-lasting reliable materials of absolutely new type. Let’s take on this task and get these materials developed.  First we can turn to nanotubes made from carbon and explore them as well as other options to be able to build on them needed machinery to be used in volcanic magma chambers.

We organize an expedition towards Yellowstone Park; we have to do it right now. If you are someone who is going to take part in it let you know it is the most dangerous adventure on the Earth,  and the time to go there is now. Join Orbital Train community on G+.

Author’s word.

As my mission on the Earth is to show humanity a way to stars we are going to build Orbital Trains around the planet and let billions settle in over there, on orbit.  My mission would not be completed without Space Musical in which people will find themselves flying to stars. And the first episode takes place in Yellowstone.

Volcanism is the very mass killer who has been behind all mass extinctions on the Earth in which entire species of animals and plants died out. The disaster is underway and humankind in next in line. What has happened to others will happened to us unless we find ways to harness the power rising up from the depth. The objective of expedition is to start arranging thing this way.

If supervolcanos like that awakening deep below Yellowstone Park are to be turned into geothermal plants, electricity should go to our plants where space cars for mass space settler will be produced, shouldn’t it? Besides this spot in North America we have some about 20 of them over there. They are also going to be made into plants. I want the research also to find out friendly to environment ways to operate over there.

Our goal is to make our way to stars so let's go ahead and let brilliant artists gather together in Space Musical and sing about it to make sure the whole humanity has got the message. The scenario of Space Musical is the scenario of you getting to space.

Love will save the world.


We are going to create a musical in which trains spring skywards – directly into the sky – with people dancing and singing in them.

First a train rides through different countries. People in it sing their national songs  and dance national dances. They get on the train and ride farther singing and dancing in it. New wagons keep being added to the train.

Then, once the train is filled with passengers, heroes of the musical,  the whole train soars upward and springs skywards.  The train with those singing and dancing in it pierce through the atmosphere and is flying up to where outer space begins.

In outer space the train continues to fly, now orbiting its way around the planet, continents and oceans left below.

The musical continues. As people on Earth see that our orbital train has belted the globe up, they begin to dance and sing. People of each nation gather together, their streams coalesce  and float to plants in ever–growing streams, dancing and singing. There in the course of action they build new wagons, join them together into new trains, all the way dancing and singing.

New trains set off to travel across countries, taking onboard new passengers of different cultures in their national costumes, dancing and singing in their national way.

Now plenty of trains gather speed. They grow; new wagons being added. Then trains one after another begin to jump into the sky. They fly skywards from each and every geographical location with their crew keeping singing and dancing.

Trains fly into orbits and keep belting Earth up, winding up and wrapping Earth into multiplicity of ribbons around it.

Now plenty of space trains follow their different – one above another – orbits. They rotate around the planet, changing their form, speed and direction of movement, creating stunning scene around Earth. People of Earth, now residing in orbital trains in outer space, keep singing and dancing, the ribbons of trains themselves dancing in the rhythm of a new reality.

To be continued… (In the next episodes: travelling in space trains to another stars and planets.)